Highly experienced and skilled trainers. facilitators. research consultants. content developers.

ChalkTalk® is a training solutions provider that is able to cater to both the specific and general needs of the industry. Our trainers come to us both highly recommended and decorated, providing the perfect foundation on which the rest of any training experience can easily be built.

With more than 10 years of experience in their respective fields of expertise, we help industry professionals up-skill or keep their knowledge current by being able to access a wealth of up-to-date material that is delivered by a dedicated corps of trainers. In fact, because we aim to mould aspirants into career-worthy professionals, our training is a seamless blend of knowledge and skills.



Having the flexibility to cater to the needs of individual career aspirants, as well as offering on and off-site training to clients both national and multi-national really puts ChalkTalk® on the map. What gives us the edge is our ability to provide effective training solutions with a turnaround time that ensures uninterrupted productivity. Our training programs are designed to be adaptable and relevant to the business realities of today. We understand the cost of training as it may reflect on the day-to-day output of the trainee, so we make sure that our training programs put business first.

From the more basic but still essentially fundamental to more current, ChalkTalk® has the entire gamut of training programs for you to be a part of. Learn to apply the knowledge we provide in real-time scenarios that simulate real-world situations. Bring the element of assured success to the next project that you are a part of. Be the difference that others wish they were.