Quality alternative to on-the-ground-courses

Learnrium™ is yet another initiative of ChalkTalk®

Learnrium™ is an online learning management system offering 180+ trainings.

No matter where you live or work, get access to extensive, world-class online courses and learning content.

On-line learning today provides a quality alternative to on-the-ground courses. It offers students greater flexibility as to time and place as most courses are offered asynchronously, meaning students can take them at any time of the day or night.

Advantages of online learning

  1. Schedule flexibility
  2. Ease of accessibility
  3. Range of options
  4. Students control study time

  1. Chance for interaction
  2. Online communications
  3. Time to absorb material

  1. Money saving option
  2. No more expensive textbooks
  3. Simple, Flexible Logistics
  4. Immediate results and feedback
  5. The most up-to-date content at much lower cost
  6. Greater access to expertise

  1. Increase accountability through assignments, assessment scores, course completions, since participant progress can be monitored online
  2. Promote transference of Learning to the Workplace
  3. The interactivity and multimedia delivery of online professional development makes learning more engaging and fun!
  4. You have freedom to design your own trainings
  5. Adapt to rapidly changing requirements
  6. Host it on secured and protected environment, accessible to you and your company
  7. Lower long-term costs