ChalkTalk® is a Training and Assessment Partner with PEARSON TalentLens

Pearson TalentLens is the world leader in developing assessments for recruitment, selection and development for 21st century workplace. Powered by eight decades of science, TalentLens assessments and solutions are scientifically proven to enhance your selection and development processes and identify talent ready for the next economy.

Use our lens to meet specific talent challenges in your organization.

  • Versant Pro – Speaking
  • Versant Pro – Writing
  • Versant English
  • Versant Spanish
  • Versant Arabic
  • Versant Aviation English
  • Versant Junior English
  • Versant Dutch
  • Versant French
  • WriteToLearn
  • Intelligent Essay Assessor
  • VersaReader
  • SummaryStreet
  • PTE Academic

Using the patented Ordinate® speech processing technology and Knowledge Analysis Technologies™ text engine.

Versant tests can be taken on a telephone or a computer and scores are available online within minutes.