Web based assessment solution

ExaminationsOnline™ is another initiative of ChalkTalk®

ExaminationsOnline™ offers web based assessment solutions for education, public, and private sector.

It is fully IMS Question and Test Interoperability specification (QTI) compliant. It is an online assessment solution designed and developed by a team of leading software engineers. It is regularly updated with new features, usability enhancements and under-the-hood improvements. All to ensure your assessments will always be state-of-the-art.

  1. Considerable amount of time is spent creating exam questions
  2. No easy way to collect performance statistics
  3. Not possible to measure learning outcomes longitudinally or evaluate curricular effectiveness
  4. Grading exam is time consuming
  5. No centralized or collaborative item bank
  6. No robust reporting and grade flexibility
  7. Human error in grading
  8. Cannot accurately measure student performance over time

  1. Lower long-term costs
  2. Instant feedback to test takers
  3. Greater flexibility with respect to location and timing
  4. Improved reliability
  5. Machine marking is much more reliable than human marking
  6. Improved impartiality
  7. Machine marking does not 'know' the students
  8. Greater storage efficiency - Centralized database for questions
  9. No physical space required for paper scripts
  10. Randomizing questions and answers
  11. Enhanced question incorporate interactivity and multimedia
  12. Quick evaluation

  1. ExaminationsOnline™ is fully IMS Global¬†Learning Consortium (IMS) Question and Test Interoperability (QTI) compliant
  2. It is center piece for testing skills and competencies
  3. It offers you creativity and freedom to design
  4. It is a revolutionary e-testing platform that puts you back in driving seat
  5. It covers the full range of testing functionality out-of-the-box: from item creation, to test delivery, to results analysis
  6. You have a freedom to customize on your own
  7. It is adaptable to rapidly changing requirements

  1. A complete assessment solution
  2. Author simple and advanced items
  3. Preview capability
  4. Portable standards-based Technology Enhanced Items (TEI)
  5. Compose linear and branching tests
  6. Computer adaptive testing
  7. Schedule tests for online deliveries
  8. Deliver tests to mobile devices
  9. Implement BYOD test solutions
  10. Generate reports
  11. Intuitive user interface
  12. Test-taker management
  13. Manage and control user access
  14. Scale from classroom to nationwide
  15. Customizable workflows